Scheme of Study for M.Sc                 

Duration   4-6 Semesters
Theory 54 Credits Hrs.
Lab. 12 Credits Hrs.
Thesis  6 Credits Hrs. (Optional)
Comprehensive oral examination *S/U Basis
Total Credits      68 Credits


Scheme of Study for M.Phil

Duration   4 -6 Semesters
Courses     24 Credits
Thesis 06  Credits
Seminar 01 Credit
Total 31 Credits


M.Phil student may opt courses up to total 24 credits relevant to their chosen area of specialization and subject to the course offered by Department on the availability of the teaching staff and laboratory facilities from the following list of courses; 12 credit hours courses from each series in two semesters as per rule define by University/Department of Physics from time to time. Remaining 06 Credit hours are assigned to the thesis work to be done by student under the supervision of appointed supervisor among from the faculty members of Physics Department.