At present, the department of chemistry offers courses leading to M.Sc, M. Phil. and Ph.D degrees. M.Sc degree program is two years course work in chemistry. This is to provide training in the four special mainstream areas i.e. Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry. This combination of courses aims to provide familiarity with general and applied fields of chemistry.


To develop the human resources with the capability to comprehend theoretical and applied aspects of different branches of chemistry by providing them conducive environment of teaching and learning, and expand their cognitive frontiers by introducing internationally recognizable research program”

job opportunity for Graduates

Latest courses are offered in accordance with the criterion set by HEC. The students graduating from this university have vast field of opportunities opened to those who are keen to carry on with their academic results. Students are provided opportunities to use equipment for laboratory experiments. The courses are distributed over four semesters. In first two semesters, Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry courses are offered. In addition to the above courses a compulsory Mathematics course is also offered, which is specially designed to enhance the mathematical background of the students. First two semesters consist of 18 credit hours each while third and fourth consist of 16 credits hours each. For M. Sc third and fourth semesters, the students will have to opt for one of the following fields of specializations: Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Analytical. The students will have to take the research project (optional) carrying 3 credits hours in 4th semester in the field of their specialization. Moreover, the department is potentially offering course work and research in the area of currently emerging field of Nanomaterials Science.


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    Dr. Aziz
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    Department of Chemistry.