To prepare software engineers having a strong sense of civic, professional and ethical responsibility with ability to apply engineering principles, practices, and processes to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software systems.

The Department of Software Engineering was established in November 2009 at Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Mirpur, Azad Jammu & Kashmir. David Parnas says that Software Engineering and Computer Science differ in much the same way as do Electrical Engineering and Physics. He also mentions that the goal of Computer Science is to learn and to extend the science. Software Engineering on the other hand aims to use the science and technology already available to create products and tools for use. Therefore SE requires familiarity with the basic needs and processes in the various application domains, with the principles of good engineering practice and with the underlying concepts and principles of computer science. SE requires facility in problem analysis, solution design, program development and documentation. SE also requires a basic understanding of the ways in which humans interact with technological systems.

Job Prospects for Graduates
On completion of degree, successful students have a wide range of options to embark their career as System Analysts, IT Managers or Software Developers. Graduates of the department have proved themselves as Software Engineers, Web-developers and System Administrators. On successful completion of graduation students are eligible to apply for Masters/Post Graduate programs.

Departmental Library

6100 books related to Software Engineering are available in the departmental library.

Placement Bureau:

Placement Bureau exists in the department that facilitates the students regarding practical trainings/ internships.

Information Resource Centre:

IRC exists in the department to promote research activities for the faculty as well as for the students. 15 work stations are dedicated for the purpose. Scholarships: