• Software Engineering

    The Department of Software Engineering was established in November 2009 at Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Mirpur, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

    David Parnas says that Software Engineering and Computer Science differ in much the same way as do Electrical Engineering and Physics.

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  • Head of Department

    Engr. Saadat Hanif Dar

    Email: chariman.se@must.edu.pk

    Tel: +925827-961016

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  • PEC Accreditation History

    Accrriditatoin Year Intake Accreditation granted for years Ref. of EA & QEC
    2014 2009-2013 01 Year PEC/AE & QEC/MUST/CL-68/2014 Dated April 14, 2014(68th PEC EA & QEC metting decision)
    2016 2010-2014
    03 Years PEC/AD/MUST-M/DL-75/2016 Dated January 13, 2016 (75th PEC EA & QEC/EAB Decision held on December 30, 2015)

  • Higher Education Commission(HEC)

    Software Engineering department has been regonized with HEC.

  • Pakistan Engineeing Council(PEC)

    Software Engineering department has been regonized with PEC since 2013.


    The National Digital Library programme was launched by Higher Education Commission.

  • Microsoft for All

    Microsoft has taken initiative of providing free Microsoft software for academic and personal use.