List of Research Projects Successfully Completed

  1. Fiber Reinforced Concrete.
  2. Identification and Analysis of Road Accidents and Black Spots on N-5 Section from Kharian to T-Chowke Islamabad.
  3. Assessment of Traffic Safety Issues due to auto Rickshaws in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  4. Cost Estimating and Scheduling of Multi storey Building.
  5. Quality Analysis of water of Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  6. Skid resistance of aggregates from different quarries of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.
  7. Computer Aided Seepage Analysis of Sukain Dyke.
  8. Analysis of Multi Storey Building using ETABS.
  9. Evaluation of locally manufactured silica concrete through destructive and non destructive testing.
  10. Computer Aided Analysis and Manual Design and detailing of a multi storey building in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  11. Rutting Resistance of Flexible Pavement using different Asphaltic materials at varying Temperature.
  12. Water supply pipe line design.
  13. Development of sediment load estimation models in upper Indus basin using artificial Neural networking techniques.
  14. Foundation design of 20MW Rasul Hydropower Project.
  15. Flood estimation models for PatrindHydal Power Projects (147 Megawatt)
  16. Environmental impact assessment report of Mangla Dam Mirpur upraising project
  17. Pavement modification: Conventional techniques and CNTs
  18. Sustainability of Construction Materials
  19. Modification of bitumen using CNTs



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